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Honorary Mayor Contest


The Honorary Mayor Contest is the official fundraiser of the Ramona Town Hall, and was first conceived and sponsored by the Ramona Sentinel in 1984.  The funds raised from the contest help with ongoing expenses, such as insurance, water, electricity, etc..  Candidates "earn" one vote for each dollar they raise for the Town Hall.  Unlike a "normal" election, there is no limit to how many "votes" you can cast nor how many candidates you can vote for.  The candidate with the most "votes" wins a two year term to carry the title of "Honorary Mayor," a position that carries no official power, but the responsibility to represent the town as an ambassador of goodwill.  The mayor will be awarded an official sash.

Mayoral Duties:

1.  Promote the Ramona Town Hall

2.  Promote Ramona

3.  Attend community events, ceremonies, ribbon cuttings, etc.

4.  Chair the Town Hall Fundraising Committee

 The Honorary Mayor is encouraged (but not required,) to attend local and regional events in the capacity of “Community Ambassador.”  The Ramona Chamber of Commerce will assist the mayor and make suggestions as to events to attend.  The Mayor may also make decisions to attend county or state events at will.

Mayor Contest Guidelines

 Each dollar collected and turned in by June 30th at 7:00 pm to the Ramona Town Hall equals one vote. The candidate with the most votes (dollars) wins the “election.” 

Each candidate is encouraged to keep a record of dollars collected and turned in. It is suggested to photocopy checks for your records and (if you please,) send thank you cards or letters for large donations.  The Honorary Mayor Committee can provide a “Thank You” form letter for this use.

Each candidate is encouraged to form a letter of request for dollars by explaining why you want to be mayor (what is your platform?) and why you are interested in preserving and renovating the Ramona Town Hall.  The candidates can also get creative holding “mini-fundraisers” such as jellybean counting contests, etc.

The contest is meant to have fun while collecting dollars to help pay for ongoing expenses of the Town Hall (utilities, insurance and maintenance). Some dollars may go toward actual restoration.

Dollars may be turned in (where, when and to whom?). You may want to keep it secret as to the amount of dollars so as to keep the contest interesting. Or we may from time to time make hints about the alleged leaders, etc., through press releases or via the town hall website.

What is your platform? This can make it more fun by declaring some ridiculous platform such as seeking to rid the town of flies; abolishing the IRS; starting your own government; printing your own money; diverting traffic, etc.



Mary Kay Pinkard   1984-1986
John T. Fansher   1986-1988
Tony Lama Llama  1988-1990
(Honorary Deputy Mayor) Woody Kirkman  1988-1990
Chuck Apgar  1990-1992
Darrell Beck  1992-1994
Ellie Whitcomb  1996-2000
Dave Patterson  2000-2002
Sharon Quisenberry  2002-2004
Sharon Davis  2009-Present

Official Contest Rules

All proceeds benefit the Ramona Town Hall, Inc.,
a 501(c)3 non-profit organization restoring & preserving Ramona’s historic Town Hall.

Candidates must have the following qualifications:

Must be a living, human, Ramona resident

Must be at least 21 years of age

Must be able to serve a two-year term

Must be able to:

Shake hands
Kiss babies
Cut ribbons
Swat flies
Rub elbows with the rich and famous
Speak tall "truths" about Ramona, and
be bought for $1 per vote!


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